Blue and Gold Macaw

Ara ararauna

Macaws are brilliantly-colored, neotropical parrots. They are intelligent, social birds that communicate with each other through loud squawks and screams. Long, flexible toes help the macaw hold onto branches and manipulate objects. The macaw uses its strong beak as both a nutcracker and a ‘third foot’ for climbing.

More info

  • A bone in the macaw’s tongue helps the bird break into fruit.
  • A pair of macaws mate for life, and both parents help raise the young.
  • Important tools for communication, bright colors and vocalizations also make the macaw a popular pet and an easy target for poachers.

Fact File

pronunciationPronunciation: muh-KAW
where to see themWhere to see them: Wings of the World
heightHeight: 2.8 to 3.2 ft
weightWeight: 1.3 to 2 lbs
lifespanLifespan: Up to 50 yrs
habitatHabitat: Wetlands and forest
dietDiet: Seeds, fruits, and nuts